Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby, I am your Angel

Today, well technically yesterday, was our 2 years anniversary! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY babyku! It has been 2 years and I am so deeply in love with you. You make me the most happy lady in the whole wide world and thanks for all the support you ever gave and will give me in my life. People always says being in a relationship is hard, and I agree with that. Being in a relationship is not easy but it's also what makes you happy. Open your heart and let yourself fall in love, as deep as you can with no fear! You said my word is "goofy". Well I'll love to be your one and only goofy angel, bring smile to your face and heart. I promise I will make you laugh whenever you think of me.
- Letter to my love, Vlad
Alright, back to my outfit. I'm sweeten' things up with these dusty pink polka dots top and nude ruffle skirt. You can find your feminine flirty with soft shade of pale pink, as well as woven fabric. They are so soft and flow with the wind on your body. Ruffle skirts are so sweet that it could be "dangerous" sometimes. Pairing with the wrong outfit can make it looks like a "princess wanna-be" costume; or it can make you looks like you are wearing your little 5-years-old sister's skirt. I chose the nude color because it helps tone down the ruffle skirt. Although it's polka dots, the woven fabric and the design makes the top more ladylike. They balance each other very well. As you can see I did not wear too many accessories because I didn't want them to take a way the attention of the ruffle skirt. Also because since the skirt is so puffy, adding more accessories will just make the whole look too busy.

This is one of my favorite heel. The shoes have little square metal all over them and they are PINK! It's a combination of soft and hard, how can I not dance around in it?
I'm wearing:
Ruffle skirt from Forever 21
Woven top from Vintage
Pink Shoes from BCBGirls
Belt from Target
Earring from Express
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"Fashion has no rules"
- Cassandra  

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