Sunday, August 21, 2011

Country Gothic

First time he saw this skirt he thought of the word "sad". Yes, this long black skirt can be a piece in an old lady closet but guess what, you can always find a sweet surprise in there. Whether it's your grandma, your mom or even just a sweet old lady, they must have some classic or even stunning pieces of vintage in their wardrobe. Well as much as I wish, this is not a vintage; but I do love how it gives a mature look on the dress, yet the mini inner piece and long lace outside make the skirt fun and young at the same time. Believe it or not this skirt can actually go with a lot of tops. Somehow the simplicity of the skirt makes all the tops pop. I'm wearing a flower printed top with this skirt. I know flower prints are very sweet and fun especially for the summer and everyone is trying to stock up on this trend. Be careful when you're choosing flower print, small flower print can make the body look expanded. If you are concerned about dress looking more slim, try a bigger flower print. Also try the same shade between print and the base, not making the print looking too pop helps with the slimming trick too. We all have different body shapes and again fashion has no rules. At the same time we want to "dress to impress", and dress to make ourselves happy and confident. If you love how you look and think you look good and pretty with the outfit you pulled together, go ahead, walk out the door with your head-up and feel the best you can. If you have doubts and not feel good in front of the mirror, change till you feel right. Turn your back on the trend that does not fit you, because no one looks good in everything. Do not let the trend take over your confidents!

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I'm wearing:
Flower top from Tjmaxx
Lace skirt from Forever 21
Pink hat from bebe
Shoe from Gianni Bini
Sunglasses from Betsey Johnson
Plaid flower ring from Forever 21
Green stone flower ring from Banana Republic
Bracelet from Natasha

"Fashion have no rules"
- Cassandra

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