Friday, August 12, 2011

The NOT tailored tailor

This sloppy top is definitely not designed to be perfectly tailored. However this All Saints Spitalfields top  is calling out CASUAL and it fits absolutely perfect when you put it on. What makes it fun is that you can wear it anyway you like. I am absolutely in love with the casual look it gave, perfect top for my street wear style. Of course you can just wear it with a jean and ready to go looking a little more chic than regular t-shirt & jean, but that's not me. I would not step out from the house without making sure people will give me a second or even a third look for my outfit ;) I'm pairing it with a high waist strips short. The top is casual sloppy but the pant is more tailored cut and again this fits with my mix and match idea. Alright, now I have my "casual dress-up" outfit, favorite punk-rock bracelets, now what? Oh.. bag!!! This is one of my favorite oversize leather bag from Juicy Couture. Whenever you want to add coolness to your outfit or try to tone down an outfit, an oversize leather bag can definitely do the trick. And now it comes to shoes. I'm wearing a mary-jane black shoe with lace shock.. just to add some feminine to my whole outfit.

Making sure your whole outfit is pulled together is very important. Casual doesn't have to be sloppy. Either if you want to dress-down for a cup of coffee at Starbucks or dress-up for a formal dinner, putting in a little effort on what to wear is worth your time.

I'm wearing:

Shirt from Allsaints Spitalfield
High-waist pant from Forever 21
Belt from target
Aviator sunglasses from RayBan
Sock from Icing
Mary-Jane shoes from Jessica Simpson

- Cassandra


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