Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Day

I've been waiting to watch "ONE DAY" and finally I did today! "One Day" is an adaptation of a best-selling novel by David Nicholls. It is about Emma and Dexter trying to navigate life and each other for 20 years; the movie shows a snapshot of one day each year. There' a few quotes in this movie and one of my favorite one is from Emma to Dexter: "I love you, Dexter. I just don't like you anymore." As we grow up, our personality and behavior changes. Sometimes we find out that we still do love a person (a friend, cousin, or a guy/girl) but as time passed by and they changed, they turned into someone we do not like or understand anymore. It's sad but also many times true. I love the movie very much and it has just been added to the list of my favorite movies.
Enough about the movie; now let's talk about my outfit I wear to see the movie. I am wearing a dress from Sisley. It has a very interesting cutting and tailoring. Sleeveless in one side, and long butterfly sleeve on the other. At the beginning I was thinking to style this dress with layers. Then I realized I shouldn't take away the simplicity yet special design of this dress. Therefore, I took away all the layers, add a handmade long necklace and couple bracelets, put on a hat and I was good to go. As you can see from the pictures, I tied a knot at the bottom of the dress just to tight up the bottom of the dress and add some drama to it.

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I'm wearing:
Dress from Sisley
Necklace from handmade
Hat from Express
Shoe from Steve Madden
Bracelet from (left) hair piece (not remember where I got it)
                     (right) Natasha
Anne Hathaway is my favorite actress. She is gorgeous and definitely a great actress. I started to notice her from "Princess Diaries" and started to love her and follow most of the movies she's in since "Devil wears Prada". I think Anne nailed this character. She had to undergo minor changes to her look over a 20 year period in the movie. It kinda' makes me wonder how am I going to look in 20 year?

"Fashion has no rules"
- Cassandra 


  1. gorgeous shoes! perfect nude pumps! follow me back maybe?