Sunday, September 4, 2011

DIY spikes jean

I'm no where near to be call a designer but I definitely have passion in styling and also "DIY". I like to go to my closet, look for items that I haven't wear for over a year, and try to come up with some ideas on how to change them into something interesting that I'll wear again. I always have my heart on punk rock fashion and often add some touch of it into my outfits. This is one of my favorite old skinny jean. I've had this jean for almost 5 years and it always fit me perfectly. Last night I went over my wardrobe and decided to give this jean a new face. I added some different size silver spikes on the jean to give it a rocker feeling. Not bad, right?
Today, I could not wait to pull out an outfit using this jean. Since the spikes on the jean  is bold enough and very noticeable, I decided to only wear a loose crop top. Loose crop tops are casual yet they can be very sexy when you move around.

 Yes, I was shouting! This is what happen when your photographer drive you crazy :P

I put on a leopard print heels to add some feminine touch to the look. By the way, I am really in the mood on DIY on my wardrobe. More DIY items are coming soon. Stay tune ;)

I'm wearing:
Spikes jean from DIY (myself)
Crop top from Forever 21
Leopard heels from Aldo

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"Fashion has no rules"
- Cassandra   

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  1. I really like what you did with the jeans! Really cool! I love your heels and top also a lot <3