Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Harem pant

Harem pants are very wide legged at the top and tapper down at the ankle that have the classic middle eastern style that is both unique and stylish. Harem pants usually have a relax feel about them, they are comfy and do not restrict your movement. You can still pull these pants and show an impression of elegance and high style. Harem pants might not be for everyone, and pretty much everyone will look like they are wearing a diaper while wearing these pants. Of course these pants work best with tall and slimmer figures,but if you are not, don't worry; done right with proper fitting, you can still pull off this exotic look.
Thicker, more structured fabrics like cotton or linen will flatter your body more than a thin fabric like silk or Lycra. Wear then with simple tops like tank tops or long button down shirts. If the weather gets colder, you can pair them with sweaters or cropped jacket. The main point is that the overall look will be more stylish if you are keeping it as simple as possible. Highlight your waist to balance out the bulk that comes from the harem pants. Tuck tops into your pants and wear thin belts to emphasize your small waist.

Heels are a must if you want to wear harem pants. Heels make your legs look longer, helping balance the harem pants tendency to make legs look short. I would suggest a high chunky heel for this pants. When the overall look is edgy and bulky, a thin pin heel might just be too light for the look. Lastly, simplify the jewelry. I chose a vintage gems necklace and that's all I needed.

I'm wearing:
Strips top from BCBG
Harem pant from H&M
Necklace from Express
Sunglasses from Chanel
Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell
Structure bag from BCBG
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