Monday, September 12, 2011

"Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead"

Me and him always talk about how music is so different from years ago and how musis can influence people. I'm not here to critic so I'll leave that for you to decide if music is better or worst compared to other periods. I love music that can touch my heart, music that can make me cry or fall into the moment with the lyric. My recent favorite is "Someone like you" by Adele. She has a very beautiful and powerful voice. This song is so touching and the fact that it's the true, personal story from her experience makes the song even more real. It's true that Love is bitter and sweet. We all wish to have it forever but how many hearts broken before the one comes?
This outfit is flirty and sweet. Hey, isn't that how we are when it comes to love? As I said on my previous post about being in the mood for DIY, this yellow bow-tie my latest. I cut the bottom of one of my old dress to make it a top and used the leftover fabric to make this bow-tie. Usually we will wear a bow-tie with shirts that have a collar but I broke the rule and wear it with a V-neck. I don't really care if it makes sense as long as it makes the outfit fun. I chose yellow accessories like the belt and bow-tie because I don't want this flirty sweet outfit to look too dull. Black makes colors pop, colors make black fun. What do you think?

I am so in love with bow-tie and DIY now, so what can be better than DIY bow-tie?
While we were walking to the car, he took this picture of our shadow holding hand. I'm lucky and proud to say I found my forever love.

I'm wearing:
Top from H&M (was a jumper and I cut and turn it into a top)
Skirt from Express
Belt from Local designer from Malaysia
Bag from Bebe
Bow-tie from DIY
Shoe from Jessica Simpson
I really love this song and I'll love to share with everyone of you. Let me know what you think of it. I choose this Live singing video because she sound awesome in live. Enjoy!
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"Fashion has no rules"
- Cassandra

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