Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spikes leather jacket - DIY

There's something about spikes and studs. They are definitely rock & roll. But beside the toughness, there's always some wild and mystery sexiness coming out of them. I love love love love love spikes and studs. Whenever I see things that have spikes and studs, my eyes will just get caught right away. This is my last year leather jacket. I wanted to do something different to it so I decided to buy some spikes and started to design and do it myself. This is the outcome of my DIY, and the jacket has become my new favorite leather jacket now. I style the jacket with a simple top and jean short, didn't want to take away the attention from it. I also wear double tights; a red one and a fishnet black one. It's so fun to DIY and match stuff together, do you agree?


I'm wearing:
Spikes jacket - DIY
Red tight & black fishnet tight - Express
Sunglasses - Chanel
Black top - Express
Jean short - Marshell

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"Fashion has no rules"
- Cassandra


  1. Love this! I def want to do this to one of my leather jackets!!

  2. Pinta: It's fun to DIY, you should try :)

    Mircow: Thanks :)))))

  3. u dun wan let ppl tap ur shoulder? :P

  4. I never think of this when I made the jacket but that's good idea! lol!! Now no one can tap my shoulder when I have this jacket on.