Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pink + Fringes

First thing which comes to my mind when I see this bright pink chiffon dress is it's so sweet and lovely. It's very comfy too! Now what to do with such a pretty and girlie dress? Maybe a pair of heels and wavy hair, look all sweet and girlie. Yup, that might work but come on, not for Cass! If you know me you know I'm not that girlie. At least my outfits are not. So, to make the dress look more for me I do my mix and match again. First I put on a skinny belt because the cutting and material of the dress tends to make me look like a balloon. A skinny belt emphasizes your waist but won't take away the attention of the dress too much like a thick belt would. Instead of dressy heels, I wear my favorite fringes boots. I love the way this boots look when I'm walking around with it. The movement of the fringes make me feel like I'm dancing while walking. LOL!! The boots are more tough and that makes a good contrast with the dress. Spike necklace matches with the toughness of the boots and now can you see the mix and match? Oh, another contrast, the fur clutch. I know it's not winter yet but who cares? As long as they go with the outfit I'll wear the fur in summer!

 Chubby was taking a walk around this pretty little lake. Look at his smiley face and you know how happy he was :)

I'm wearing:
Pink dress from Express
Fringes boots from Bebe
Spikes necklace from Forever 21
Ring from Forever 21
Fur clutch from DIY 

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"Fashion has no rules" 
- Cassandra


  1. That chiffon dress is so lovely and looks very comfy indeed! I love your fringed boots also! You look great :)

  2. beautiful look :) love everything from your dress to your fringe booties and the spike necklace is to die for!!! -Amazing!!