Friday, October 14, 2011

Yellow and Leather

Couple days ago me and Vlad were watching a cooking show and a lady called a sausage "naughty". I get it, it's just like I think leather pants are "naughty". LOL!! It's finally the weather for leather pant. I was literally wearing this outfit to a Botanic Garden. I know it's not the exact right outfit for garden but it was the spontaneous decision to go there. So yes, leather pant and high-heels, deal with it! Like I said, leather pants are "naughty" and tricky. If you do not style them right, you might be looking like a prostitute. Since leather pants are so sexy, other pieces of your outfit should be more conservative. Choose loose tops over tight one, covering up your chest will be great. You don't have to show anything to look sexy since the pants will show your curves.
P/S: Is it true that yellow attracts bugs? Vlad told me so because so many bugs were flying around me and they literally landed on my yellow blouse!


I'm wearing:
Leather pant from Vintage
Yellow blouse from Forever 21
Crop top from Forever 21
Bag from Juicy Couture
Heels from Bebe

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"Fashion has no rules" 
- Cassandra


  1. I'm very impressed of the result of your bloused combined with the cropped top, love that you added the belt also, it's such a great outfit! Love it!

  2. Naughty is a great look on you, love the leather !!