Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia

All I see on my facebook page this few days is "Stop Lynas! Save Malaysia!". I don't normally want to watch or read anything about home government "news". I'm sorry to say I am way too disappoint with them and I know there's never anything good as I keep reading. Sometimes I think that since I'm thousands of miles away from home, I just act blind on this matter. However, once in a while something catches my attention. Anything related to power abuse, killing for no reason and anything related to kids and animals will really make me mad. This "Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia" is definitely one of it. I know it's a huge things going on now in Malaysia. A lot of people all over the country are protesting and here I hope they can stay peacefully as much as they can and don't make this go ugly. Ok, a lot of you lovely readers are not from Malaysia so you might wonder what is Lynas? Lynas is basically an Australian company that’s building a $230 million rare earth processing plant in a town of Kuantan, Pahang at Malaysia. It will potentially expose tonnes of toxic waste on resident lives. The protest is to stop Lynas from exporting a toxic and radioactive legacy that will affect the lives and livelihoods of the residents. If you want to know more about this issue please check out http://savemalaysia-stoplynas.blogspot.com/ or http://stoplynas.org/. What concerns me the most is what if this RADIOACTIVE will end up affect lives, cause cancer, danger to babies or even the unborn? No matter where this happens, we don't want it. For you who have kids, don't you feel the worries and pain for others? What if this will affect your kids?
I care because it's my home country but even if this would happen somewhere else, I would feel the same. We are not separated by countries, we are all human and according to the Bible, we are all brothers and sisters. Last but not least, I send my love from United State to Malaysia for all the resident and citizen. Please be safe :)

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I'm wearing:
Sheer panel floral top from Jason Wu for target
Rose blazer from romwe.com
Python lita from Jeffrey Campbell
Floral bag from Jason Wu for target
Oversize sunglasses from Chanel

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  1. Great blog ! Love your looks, however here great style with those famous Litas boots !

  2. You really look amazing in this outfit, I love everything!