Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marni for H&M - Styling #1 for brocade shirt

I was so looking forward for this Marni for h&m collection and was planning to drive hours to the nearest store. Too bad the nearest h&m store does not carry this line and the next store is way too far for me to drive to. I'm so lucky to meet a group of excellent girls who's willing and able to grab me a few items. Originally I was and still looking for a brocade trouser. I'm not lucky enough to find one but am lucky to be able to have this gold and purple brocade shirt. It's a very unique print that you need appreciate it in order to love it. The print remind me of the exotic sarong print. I am originally from Malaysia and trust me, this kind of print is everywhere. Marni did a little modern twist with the print and it became very different and unique. I' not sure about you but I'm in love with this! I really like the cutting of the shirt too. With such a bold print, simple cutting of the shirt is the best way to go. I just received this shirt today and can't wait to style it. Already came up with a few styling idea and I will slowly show each of them to you. As you should know, I want my clothes to be able to wear a lot of times in a lot of different styling and I believe this shirt meets the requirement :)
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I'm wearing:
Brocade shirt from Marni for H&M
Sunglasses from Chanel
Transparent tight from Hanes
Knee-high-tight from Express
Black leather Lita from Jeffrey Campbell

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- Cassandra


  1. There is no H&M close to me either! So no Marni here. I will stick with my Wu for a while though. :) I love that shirt. It is so gorgeous and I bet the trousers would be so unique and beautiful too.

    Where do you buy your sheer tights? I see it is Hanes brand, but what store do you get them at? I've looked at Target, and they ended up not being the right color. I got your email too! Thank you!


  2. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!


  3. I love your style! This shirt is so cute. Maybe I will get lucky and find one while shopping one day!