Monday, April 16, 2012

Hot pants, the daring trend

It's been a while since my last post. My laptop was dead and after a few days of repair and struggle, it finally came alive. I still try to take my daily outfit that I want to share with you but without the computer, I could not post. But they are all sitting in my camera and I promise I will post as much as I can.
I bought this disco hot-pant from my previous trip to American Apparel and it quickly became my favorite short. Hot pants are one of the most popular with designers in Spring/summer 2012. This daring trend came in a variety of style, color and fabric. You can spot these leggy looks everywhere on the runway from high to low-waist, wide to very tight fitting.This is definitely an of-the-moment trend for fashion thrill-seekers. Because this leggy look is showing so much of your leg, cover up your top. Showing too much skin with this hot pants will easily look slutty. I highly recommend a button-up shirt. The loose and sophisticated top gives this pant an appropriate look.
GOOD NEWS! From now on I will try to show you where I bought my items. If the specific items are not available anymore or if it's something I can't show you online, I will try my best to find a similar piece. Please feel free to ask me if you have any question, I'm more than happy to help :)
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I'm wearing:
Disco hot pant from American Apparel
Sheer white button up blouse, similar item here and here
Jeffrey Campbell Python boots SoleStruck
Gold and Blue bow-tie from Korea
Spike ring, DIY

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"Fashion has no rules" 
- Cassandra


  1. Super hot, this can't get any hotter. Love the pants ! :)))

  2. I loooove this look ! The short is perfect !!!

  3. AA disco shorts are seriously sick! I need to get one too xo
    P.S. I really like your blog. cool biz. Would you like to do mutual following?