Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LOVE the lady in me

If you noticed, yes, the pictures in this post look much nicer and better pixels! Thanks to my old camera breaking down, I now had a reason to welcome a new member (camera) to the family! We are still in the stage of discovering the new camera and today is the first day using it to do some shooting and trying it out. Despite the heavy wind and sunshine that playing hide and seek with us, we had fun and were able to capture some nice pictures for the outfit.
I love asymmetrical dress, they are so flowy and sexy. It brings out the lady in me better than a super mini skirt. I love how the way it flows with the wind and the soft material makes it summer friendly.
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I'm wearing:
Blue asymmetrical dress from LOVE
Black Lita from Jeffrey Campbell

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"Fashion has no rules" 
- Cassandra


  1. Love love the quality of your pictures!

  2. This dress is beautiful!!!!!

  3. Cool, you look like an elf. Beautiful dress and headband. What kind of camera did you bought? :)

  4. that is a gorgeous dress and I love seeing it flutter in the wind! you look so pretty! <3