Thursday, June 21, 2012

All about our lovely Pets

This post is totally NOT about fashion. IT IS ALL ABOUT OUR PETS IN THIS POST!

Monday night my dog Chubby was having a hard stomach and feeling painful. He cried when I picked him up and seems very tired with no energy. We google the symptoms and we found a life threatening emergency called BLOATING. We never heard of this sickness and after we read those articles, we were so scared and I was almost having a panic attack. Luckily Chubby's stomach wasn't swollen and he wasn't attempt to vomit (these are 2 big symptoms for bloating). I stayed up pretty much whole night just to make sure his belly is not getting bigger. Long story short, I brought him to the veterinary the next day and found out he is just having some anal glands problem. His anal sacs are not expressed and were about to cause him infection. The cause of Chubby anal glands problem were because we just move to Florida. The weather in Florida is different from Kansas, that cause the allergy to Chubby and the allergy cause the anal glands problem. Anyway, doctor treated him and he is a happy dog again now. Running around the house and barking at the balcony. Throughout the whole experience I realized that we need to have some knowledge of some serious sickness that could put our pet’s health in danger. Anal glands are not a very serious problem but left without treated can still cause infection. As for canine bloating, I know it usually happen on big dog but still, never hurt to know and have the knowledge about it. I attached a few links about the articles of Anal Glands and Canine Bloat sickness. Feel free to check them out and they might be able to help in the future.

Since I just moved to Florida, I don't know which veterinary to go to. Luckily I found this coupon from Banfield Pet Hospital that I can use for the first time visit. Banfield Pet Hospitals are in most of Petsmart building. I still have to pay for the treated that Chubby get and for some medicine but I did able to save from the office visit. I also attached the link to coupon HERE.



  1. Glad that he is good now. I don't know without anal gland will cause bloating. ( piggy and lulu did it once a year but they still have those PERFUMES smell ) thanks for sharring!

  2. I'm happy chubs is feeling better! Miss you tons <3