Monday, December 10, 2012

Cozy legging

In these cold months all I want to do is stay at home and cuddle with my huge comforter with a cup of hot cocoa or hot tea in my hand. However, no matter how much I try not to, getting out of the house is still a must. One of my favorite cold months pieces are leggings, sweaters and scarfs. Nothing is more comfy then wearing these pieces and then a big coat on top of it. However, that could be pretty boring if this is what you need to wear for months on end. This is the time when I love to hunt for some chic, fun yet cozy leggings. Lucky for us there are a lot of legging choices out there for us to choose from. This is my new legging from I love the fun cross straps details and the beautiful metallic blue really caught my eyes. The legging is already a standout piece so I decided to put it on with a cozy oversize sweater and a fur scarf for double coziness. It's a simple yet chic and fun outfit, and still keeps me warm from harsh cold, I love it!! How do you stay warm in these cold months my friends? What's your favorite pieces for the Fall/Winter?

Outfit of the day
Cross straps legging -
Oversized sweater - BCBG
Fur scarf - DIY
Litas boots - Jeffrey Campbell

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- Cassandra


  1. Wow, these leggings sure are pretty! And sexy! Who would have thought you can be sexy during winter :D

  2. love the leggings :)

  3. it looks amazing!!! you're very beautiful!!

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  5. LOVE this rockin roll look! You are HOT HOT girl!!! LOVE it and you keep your style your own!

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  6. Hi girlie! Thanks for the follows :) Just followed you on facebook and bloglovin :)

    KIT babe!

  7. Those are great leggings, my favorite pair right now are a black velvet pair I picked up for a steal. I too am a leggings an comfy sweater wearer. I have to admit, I too love a wool skirt and tights every now and again as well.

  8. Love the leggings! My favorite pair right now are a pair of lush black velvet leggings I picked up for a steal at Kohls! I have to admit, I'm a leggings and overside sweater girl myself. But, I don't mind a wool skirt, tights and over the knee socks every now and again! <3

  9. That legging is awesome so chic and edgy and the fact that they are dark blue are awesome great look Hun cause in this grey weather we need to have fun and keep or selfs warm in this weather

  10. I like your pants!
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  13. I really enjoy reading your blog,you have beautiful pics!!

  14. these leggings are SO SO FUN!

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