Friday, December 14, 2012

The evening dress

There are two trends for this season formal wear. One is rich in different/unusual colors, and also playing with mixture styles in order to emphasized singularity of an evening image. The other is screaming GLAMOROUS!! They are very elegant and ladylike, just imagine the old Hollywood looks. A little bit of sparkle and a sexy neckline are a great touch for this season formal wear.

 The dress that I was wearing in this post is my new evening formal party dress from Msdressy. Colors for this season are all about gem tones. To add these feminine and sensual colors in your night time dresses is better than anything else. Deep, warm, jewel tomes like ruby red, royal blue, emerald, burnt orange and dark purple are the dominant colors of this season. Therefore, when I was choosing the color for this dress, I decided to go for this royal blue color. This beautiful dress is very elegant, absolutely in the category of glamorous and old Hollywood style. The dress length that's so long that plummets to the floor is also one of the must if you choose to go for a long evening dress. They help making you look very tall. The dress I was wearing also has a beautiful side slit and will reveal my leg when I was walking; it's sexy but not overwhelming, just what we need for an elegant look. I know you might be thinking now how can I walk in such a long dress? I have to admit that it's not easy to walk in such a long dress but it's not anywhere near impossible as well. There's not going to be a lot of walking in a formal evening party anyway. Just be careful and remember not to step on your own dress. As long as your not falling on the special night, everything is worth it for beauty, isn't it? At least it is for me.

For a cold day entrance, I chose to go with rich color mix and match. Emerald green and royal blue, they go pretty well together don't they? A dyed fur coat to keep you warm and also a great piece for this glamorous look.

Outfit of the day
Evening dress - 
Fur coat - Guess 

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- Cassandra


  1. Whaow, just whaow! I'm speechless! Gorgeous dress and awesome with your coat :)

  2. This dress is so beautiful and you look gorgeous! I just went to check out their site and I think I'm going to buy my next formal event dress there. Thanks!

  3. Love the elegant of this dress. Beautiful color!!!

  4. Beautiful! I'll have to go check out my prom dress there!!

  5. wow you are beautiful ! i love your hair and makeup !

    would you like to follow each other ? ;*

  6. you look gorgeous!
    I wish I have that fur coat you're wearing, it's amazingly tantalizing <3
    happy holidays

  7. so pretty :)
    great blog, following now :)

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