Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Mini Magic with Fringe

The miniskirt spearheaded a fashion revolution in 60s'. With the basic A-line design and cutting, it flattering all shapes and sizes. From solid or block colors to fun prints or luxury embellished, this skirt could be as every day or daring as the wearer wanted. There's tons of ways to play mix and match with an A-line miniskirt. Choose a fun and daring top to go with a simple solid miniskirt; or a simple, elegant top to go with a fun print or embellished one. If you concern about your bare legs with miniskirt, tights can help!! With the right tight, you are able to wear shorter hemlines while maintaining modesty.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Polka dots

Polka dot's role in fashion industry was starting in the 20th century. Minnie mouse from Walt Disney was dressed in polka dots skirt and that was her trademark, celebrities in 1940s and 50s like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor loves and was spotted wearing polka dots gowns, and around the same period Christian Dior began to release his hourglass dresses in polka dots prints. Even after such a long time history, they never out of style and sometimes they are the hot spots. Until today we can still see polka dots make appearance in fashion week. They are usually considered as a classic and lovely print today and perfect for a girlie girl and little cute girl.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blue and Purple

Today is a busy day. I have been running around the town since 7:30 in the morning till now. However, no matter how busy, it's never too busy to dress nice. Dressing up or down, in my opinion we have to look presentable and that's a manner. Not that I don't like sweatshirt and pajamas, but they are only allowed in the house on a lazy day.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Giveaway - $80 Msdressy Gift Voucher

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Maroon biker coat

Marlon Brando in the movie "The Wild one" (1953) was turned into a poster boy for young people feeding off postwar restless and aching to escape the polite conventions of 1950s society. His looks in the movie with blue denim jeans and zipped leather jacket became universal casual wear. Two years later James Dean who played in the movie "Rebel Without a Cause" (1955) also created a similar look with blue jeans, white T-shirt, boots and a windbreaker jacket. Such young and rebel looks became very popular across the decades. These looks were so popular and loved by younger generation because they were associated with "working" clothes and also because these were styles worn by movie stars that most people could afford.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Golden Globes Award 2013

One of the big things happen in the beginning of 2013 on Hollywood is The Golden Globes Award. As a fashion lover, obviously Red Carpet arrival part is what I paid the most attention for. Celebrities arrived to the red carpet for the 2013 Golden Globes in Beverly Hills with all different kind of gorgeous dresses. There are a lot of beautiful dresses and I came up with my top 5 picks. Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson and Olivia Munn's dresses are all on the top of my list. I conclude into two styles of what I picked retro-glam and modern structure.

Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie's dresses remind me of the old Hollywood Glam. They are so elegant, sexy and the lace material really caught my eyes. On the other hand, Anna Hathaway, Kate Hudson and Olivia Munn modern cutting dresses fully show the confident and girl power in a very sexy way. All these dresses are so beautiful, sexy and they are absolutely something I'll wear. Do you have your favorite pick too?

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad body-baring, cream lace dress.
 Nicole Richie in light blue lace, long-sleeves gown by Naeem Khan

Anne Hathaway in Chanel Bride look gown
 Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen keyhole gown

Olivia Munn in Armani turquoise herringbone beading on the bodice gown

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"Fashion has no rules" 
- Cassandra

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Fox Bangle

I love to collect beautiful and unique jewelries. I received this bangle from and it instantly becomes one of my favorite jewelry. The fox head was very delicate and it's a pretty unique piece. I usually don't wear a lot of jewelries at a time because I like to let them stand out and shine in an outfit. The outfit's colors I chose to go with this beautiful bangle are black and green. I always love different colors; mixing, matching and combining different colors and shades become one of my favorite thing to do while dressing up. I remember a friend used to tell me that she thinks Summer/Spring colors and Fall/Winter colors shouldn't go across each other’s season. She's correct; every season has its own color trends. Bright and pastel colors are perfect for Spring and Summer; darker colors or black and grey are more suitable for Fall and Winter. However, people like me who grown up in a tropical country that's summer all year long, there's no color seasons. Even though I have been living in United State for 9 years and going through four seasons every year, I still like to wear any color anytime I want. I know it sound capricious but I love colors too much. I do also agree that every season has its own color trend but sometimes a little sneak out for other season's color are acceptable, as long as you style it right.

Today I brought out my BCBG Max Azria dress. The beautiful and lovely green color is perfect for Spring and Summer. In order to be able to wear it now, I chose a tuxedo black blazer to go with the dress. Black blazer is a classic piece for any season especially Fall and Winter. I mentioned in my previous post that I moved to Dallas and the weather is way nicer and warmer here. It does get pretty cold sometimes but today a nice blazer worked perfectly fine. Booties are also a must for this season because they give some "weight" for the outfit so that it won't look too light and flirty like how it supposes to be in warm season. Hats are also my favorite accessory in this season. They are great for bad hair days as well as styling.

Outfit of the day
Blazer: Kirna Zabete
Booties: Jeffrey Campbell
Hat: Zara

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"Fashion has no rules" 
- Cassandra

Friday, January 11, 2013

The blue coat

I haven't been posting a lot recently. This holiday season, relocating has taken all my time. Between choosing and buying presents, packing, moving and unpacking, I have not had any time to rest and relax. Well, at least now I can finally settle down and start working on my blog again. Hubby and I moved to Dallas for his job, it's a new place, new apartment and new life. I'm having a lot of free time now and I can finally focus more on this blog. Writing posts, reading others blogs and sharing fashion ideas are what I really miss and love to do. Therefore, please feel free to share with me your thoughts and ideas.

Weather in Texas is way warmer than Kansas. I actually love it here. It's chilly enough that I can play with layers and wearing beautiful coats but warm enough that I don't have to make myself look like a gigantic pumpkin. This beautiful blue color coat is my newest coat from I really like the simple design and oversized cutting of this coat, very classy and modern. Today I chose a whole black and grey outfit to wear with this beautiful coat. Black and grey are the best colors to make the blue color pop. I used a comfy long sleeves sweater, black leather pant and knee-high boots to create a cool and comfortable look. With the bright blue color coat, I'm ready for the day with a stylish look.

Outfit of the day
Blue coat from 
Grey sweater from Uniqlo
Leather pant from Forever 21
Knee-high boots from Bakersshoes 

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"Fashion has no rules" 
- Cassandra